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Artists on Farms

By Opportunities

Opportunity: Residency
 May 15, 2017
Location: Ellensburg, Washington

Artists on Farms is a regional partnership between a cohort of farmers and Gallery One Visual Arts Center (Gallery One) located in rural Ellensburg, WA.

For the first year, Green Bow Farms will help select three artists, artist teams or creative entrepreneurs. Artists will be selected to receive two to six weeks of studio space at Gallery One from June 15-August, 2017 and an exhibit in the Eveleth Green Gallery during the month of September. Ceramic applicants may begin as early as June 1. Materials used during residency must be conducive to a public working environment near children’s studios. Please no loud tools or toxic materials.

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GH Cultural Capital Residency

By Opportunities

Opportunity: Residency
Location: Richland, Washington

In collaboration with Washington State University, artist and educator Peter Christenson has initiated a cultural capital scholar residency in Richland, WA and is currently seeking proposals from creatives with diverse backgrounds and research agendas to participate in the community-based residency. Innovative and socially conscious scholars and practitioners working in a variety of fields and industries including the visual arts, architecture, engineering, urban planning, social work, design and media arts, creative writing & literature, culinary arts, etc. are encouraged to apply.

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