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Thorp, Washington


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Bill Finger


Saturdays in July!

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Building Urban Rural Connections

From its 10-year history as a gallery in Seattle, to its current initiative as a rural arts collective, PUNCH has worked to promote visual dialogue between urban and rural art communities. In our ongoing effort to promote artwork that is thoughtful, fresh and contemporary coupled with our desire to further bridge urban rural connections, PUNCH Projects seeks to support the cultural vibrancy of rural art scenes by spurring creative awareness, cross-cultural engagement and economic vitality.


Calling Artists, Musicians and Food Vendors

Wanna play music on our backyard stage or indoor venue? Do you own a food truck, hot dog cart, or cotton candy machine? Have a great idea for a creative event or exhibition? Tell us about it! If we have a spot on our calendar and your idea seems like a good fit, we’ll get a conversation going and see if we can make it work!

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