Barnstorm File Instructions

Thank you for participating in the Barnstorm exhibition! By using this uploader, you agree to the terms as explained in the CAFÉ entry process. Basically, we promise to respect your work and its copyright. We will use your high resolution image or video for purposes of exhibition at Barnstorm only. Printed works will be sent to artists after exhibition, and works will not be sold or monetized without direct permission from the artist.

Still Images
For images, please upload a high-resolution jpeg file. Preferably 3500 pixels or greater on the longest side, but we’ll work with what you have. All selected works will be cropped to a square format for the print exhibition. We encourage the artists to do this prior to submitting. However, you may also submit uncropped images and PUNCH will make adjustments to the work prior to printing.

For video, we prefer a universal format such as MP4, and optimized with output settings similar to YouTube or Vimeo (H.264). We will be using a digital media player connected to a projector or monitor. Try to keep file size as small as possible without degrading the overall quality. The uploader should be able to handle a file up to 5GB. If you experience problems, you may also email us a download link from an alternate source (Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc) to Video and audio works may be of any proportion or length and will be for exhibition only, not for sale.

For audio files, we prefer a universal format such as MP3. Video and audio works may be of any proportion or length and will be for exhibition only, not for sale.

Work For Sale?
If you want, you may choose to have your printed image for sale at the exhibition. Since they will be non-editioned and unsigned, the sale price will be a modest ($200). PUNCH will cover the cost to print and frame the exhibition works and will pay 50% of any sales to the artist. Works in the exhibition will all be priced the same at $200 each. Every participating artist will receive either a print of their work or $100. If your print is sold, you would not receive a print of your own after the show closes.

File Uploader

Use the following form to upload your files. Larger files will take more time to upload. Do not close this window while uploading is in progress.

For the exhibition timeline and other details, view the “Call to Artists” page here.

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