April 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, 2022


10630 N Thorp Hwy, Thorp, Washington
Thorp, Washington

Rodeo Records Remix

A Mark Pickerel & PUNCH Projects Pop-up

12-4pm, Every Saturday in April, 2022

Hi, Howdy, Hello,

Let’s face it, sometimes you need a reprieve from the highbrow visual arts scene in downtown Thorp. Maybe you need to tap your toes, feel the noise, and pump up the volume. PUNCH Projects offers something for all the music aficionados, dedicating this one to all the record collectors, cassette-heads, 8-trackers and CD babies out there. This one goes out to all of you in recognition of the official Record Store Day on April 23. It’s with giddy excitement that we proudly announce for the month of April we’ll be collaborating with Mark Pickerel himself for a very special pop-up exhibition.

This will be a stroll down memory lane back to a time when collecting and consuming music was a thing. It was material and tangible. It happened in real time and formed your identity. It occupied much of your mental space and usurped most of your lawn-mowing and babysitting money. You would step foot into your local record shop with a sense of anticipation, urgency, curiosity, and vague, ineffable optimism that this was the day you were going chance upon that certain gem you’d been looking for. That rare EP, the boot-legged import, the latest single from your favorite band. This will be your day!

PUNCH has invited Mr. Pickerel to present a curated selection of record store merchandise and paraphernalia he has amassed from his years (decades?) in the business. From owner of Ellensburg’s Rodeo Records, to his latest iteration Roadtrip Records (a perfect moniker for his presence at the Thorp Fruit and Antique mall and Jerrol’s in Ellensburg), Pickerel continues to share his love, passion and knowledge for the sonic arts. Without fail, he has his badmotorfinger on the pulse of what is tragically hip and what smells like teen spirit. It’s time we all come together and find what we are looking for in this Pickerel & PUNCH Pop-up. Let’s go crazy. Let’s get down, get down. Let’s celebrate good times, come on. Let’s find some uptown funk in downtown Thorp. Remember, sweet dreams are made of these.