November 4, 11, 18, 25, 2023

Hanging Gardens
Renee Adams

Founding PUNCH member Renee Adams uses her mixed media sculpture to investigate the complex relationships humans have cultivated with the natural world. Her most recent body of work deviates from the delicate sculptural renderings of real and imagined plants that Adams is known for. These new works represent pared-down and stylized versions of flowers, shells, feathers and leaves based loosely on Jugendstil (“young style”), a German art movement that was a spin-off of the larger Art Nouveau movement in Britain at the turn of the previous century. This primarily decorative arts movement is characterized by the combination of floral decorations, sinuous double curves, and geometric lines. It was a direct reaction against historicism and neo-classicism being taught academically at the time. Her interest in Art Nouveau traces back to her teen years, stemming from her German heritage and a love of plant forms. Hanging Gardens was developed with her newfound interest in blacksmithing, a historic craft that lends itself well to linear design, paired with hand-built porcelain and hand-carved wooden forms.

Additionally, be sure to check out the outdoor sculptures by Dan Brown in the PUNCH yard and the line-up of entertainment scheduled for the PUNCH bar in November:

Nov 4: Chukar Pluckers (2-4pm)
Nov 11: Birdie Fenn Cent (2-4pm
Nov 18: Star Anna (2-4pm)
Nov 25: (Last Saturday): PUNK ‘N’ PIE, an all-day music event that pairs LIVE punk rock with delicious pie! (noon-8pm)