June 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, 2024

Ron Evans
Pop-Cyclicle: Robots, rayguns & remnants from a time or place that likely never existed

Ron Evans, a dynamic mixed-media artist rooted in East Wenatchee, is driven by an unwavering and inexplicable passion for robots, rayguns, pinup, mid-century design, and pop culture. While his artistic journey began with acrylic paintings and pen & ink illustrations, Evans has ventured into the realm of 3D artistry, crafting intricate sculptures from paper, wire and foamboard.

Within his creative philosophy, 1960s kitsch, nostalgic tacky motels, Saturday morning cartoons, and heavy metal album covers are elevated to the status of ‘fine art’. Evans strives to infuse his creations with both substance and a sense of approachability.

In 2015, Evans opened a tiny art gallery in his home called RadarStation. The success of these shows – focusing mostly on lowbrow street art and pop-surrealism – led to a downtown gallery/bar/venue which operated from 2017-2019. In 2017, Evans launched The Comet Magazine, an alternative local-centric arts and entertainment monthly which continues to grow in readership and coverage.

Pop-cyclicle showcases some of the investigations, interpretations and transgressions that occupy Evan’s creative mind. Please join us for the opening on Saturday, June 1, from noon until 4 pm with live music by the legendary Jumpin’ Johnny at 2-4pm in the PUNCH bar.

Upcoming Events on the PUNCH Stage:

Jumpin’ Johnny [acoustic jams from a legendary rocker], 2-4pm

6/08: Anjuman [classical indian/ afro-cuban fusion], 2-4pm

6/15: The Last of the Red Hot Mamas [jazz-inspired, country-sauced blues], 2-4pm

6/22: Randy Weeks and the Silent Treatment [soul/ americana/ roots rock], 2-4pm

6/29: Last Saturday!: DJ Grand Marshal, The Nightmares [punk /garage-rock], Datura [post punk/ goth rock ], 6-8pm