March 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30, 2024

We’ll Make Great Pets
a group exhibition

Good Golly, ask and ye shall receive! We asked for your pet portraits, and we got ‘em! This open call has generated a bodacious bounty of composed companions, furry facsimiles, feathered friends, realistic renditions and plushy portrayals. It seems the fauna fount doth overfloweth! Each wondrous entry in this show is laudable and lovable, and certainly worthy of our affection and adoration.

Ah yes…our pets. That additional member of the family we have some say in, that creature we love unconditionally and fuss over incessantly, which might beg the question, what does our rose hair tarantula really want or need from us in the first place? Perhaps a rhetorical question.

This open exhibition showcases some of the finest talent from a cadre of Kittitas County creators as well as regions beyond our immediate locale. This proverbial dog and pony show will feature a few canines, no doubt, including some flannel-clad Corgis that apparently love watermelon and are absolutely tooooo cute, an artist book that is certain to make reading cool again, a depiction of legit predatory instincts by a bona fide college professor, and a candid depiction of a coonhound quietly taking care of business on a still winter’s night. Other pupper pieces include a dachshund that has been crowned the hot dog king thereby making it the official wiener, and a poodle effigy rendered in what but its own friggin’ hair (quite possibly the only hypoallergenic piece in the show)!

K9s aside, be on the lookout for a textiled owl, a flock of student submissions from Gallery One’s Art After School program and a ceramic pig that would conger a whole new list of superlatives from Charlotte. Other gems include a cat collage that is absolutely bitchin’, a fantastic scratchboard depiction of a bearded dragon (Smaug, eat your cold-blooded heart out!) and rodent wordplay by a Seattle treasure that will have you questioning the protein source of your favorite breakfast bar!

Come and feast in this menagerie and help decide who truly is Best in Show! The exhibition opens 12-4pm on Saturday, March 2, with live music 2-4pm provided by the Crisscross combo, a jazz-fusion group comprised of CWU music students.

And as we continue to fill in our calendar for 2024 and beyond, we’re booking food vendors, musicians, dinner theatre performances, workshops, mimes, and anything arts-related. If you have an idea for a project, you can hit us up by filling out our online collaboration form.

Upcoming Events on the Punch Stage:

3/02: Crisscross Combo [CWU jazz-fusion], 2-4pm

3/09: Loco Motion [train songs and hobo ballads], 2-4pm

3/16: Killdeer String Band [instrumental Celtic, American bluegrass, European folk], 2-4pm

3/23: Chumlilies [Americana, country-roll, folkgrass], 2-4pm

3/30 [Last Saturday]: The Wayside [alt-country/ Americana] 6-8pm