12-4pm • December 4 & 11, 2021

10630 N Thorp Hwy, Thorp, Washington
Thorp, Washington

It’s time to deck the halls, string the lights, hang the mistletoe, light the menorah, ignite the yule log, and spike the eggnog. That means it’s also time to rekindle those warm, nostalgic sensations of seasonal anxiety and dread as you realize that you only have about three weeks to complete all your holiday shopping for those you love and adore. Not only do they deserve a very special gift from you, but they also expect it! If you have anything in common with us here at PUNCH, it’s quite possible you haven’t even begun this obligatory, consumerist adventure. And to top off the panic you’re probably experiencing right now, the disruption in the global supply chain has further complicated your ability to fulfill all those holiday shopping expectations…

But fear not! We’re here to assist. As a creative collective, the members of PUNCH have devised some ultra-slick, über-dope, undeniably super-duper (and in some cases one-of-a-kind) ways to help spread good tidings and cheer this holiday. We offer you PUNCH Products. That’s right, the Thorp fire house has become a veritable workshop for that fat, old saint these past weeks! So, put down that copy of Sky Mall, forget about the handmade candles and homemade fudge, chop up those gift cards, and wouldya please empty that Amazon shopping cart of fragile leg lamps and crystal moose mugs, for we have the gifts you’re really looking for. Here’s a list of a few of the products you can expect at our Pop-up shop:

T-shirts, buttons, ball caps, found embroidery, ceramic mugs, banners, editioned prints, a bomber jacket, a lantern, hand-carved wooden spoons, stickers, refrigerator magnets, tote bags, CDs (C-effing-Ds!), pencil cases, bandanas, and even some Art (with a capital A), the list goes on…. So, would you just come, shop, experience the jubilation, and finally get it over with?