All the experiences, all the reasons. These are what determine. These determinations, not those. Of course, there’s no determination without the indeterminate. A dichotomous relation that brackets two ambiguous zones. Determination – moving in a direction. Can you call it a reason if you don’t know it’s the reason? What is reason beyond self-concocted justification? So you’re determined you say. Well, I’m undetermined. Indetermined?

One can’t speak about one’s own life if one truly wishes to speak about Art. The artist conceals and reveals with puzzling gestures, motioning away from the particular and towards the culturally valorized abstract. How much abstraction can a symbol bear? When does the context of a sign cease to exercise determinative force over its expression? This work can only be questioned. It’s doing something. It’s been somewhere.

Perhaps the process of abstraction only further implicates the particularities of the producer, whose solutions make less than “universal” sense. Step back/outside and look at the house you built. It’s weird, man.

Winchester received his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2000. He currently lives and works in Seattle, WA with the support of his beautiful wife Melissa, his cranky dog Sorby and a howling cat named Veronica.