June 3, 10, 17, 24, 2023

The Brotherhood
Midnight Convergence

This June, PUNCH has turned the keys over to a group of former CWU art students known as the Brotherhood. This group is a US-wide, multidisciplinary, experimental artist collective comprised of former members of Central Washington University’s SAC (Student Art Club). Wrought in the forge of nocturnal artistic pursuits, the Brotherhood is engaged in a material-driven exploration of the weird and sometimes otherworldly ways that the subconscious, the occult, and the spiritual, manifest. Through a commitment to ritual, to tea ceremonies, and to immersive art making, The Brotherhood both parodies the dark bonds of the occult and uses it as a symbol of the pursuit of hidden knowledge, of transcendent connection, and exploration into the spiritual and ethereal tendrils permeating our work.

Midnight Convergence is a transformative installation revealing the relationship between shared memory and space, interconnectivity, and the individual journeys and growth each member has experienced. This is a group exhibition from seven artists that shared an undergraduate academic art experience, something inherently formative. From incubation in that intense and intimate setting, and the years after in which those shared origins flourished in surprising ways, they have jointly imagined this new experience. Taking tea as an element of communion, this convergence is representative of time shared, of time past, loss, and of shared connections.

Participating Artists:

Quincey Miracle – Performance and Installation
Carlos Lee Sullivan – Assemblage and Painting
Ari Rodarte – Graphic Design
Christian Masopust – Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture
Brock Owen – Jewelry and Sculpture
Matt Caleen – Jewelry and Sculpture
Evan Russell – Ceramics
Kenon Jeffers – Jewelry and Sculpture