December 3, 10, 17 & 24, 2022


The Holiday Gift Show

Opening: Saturday, December 3, 12-4pm

Are you feeling holidazed and confused? Do you suffer from secret santa schadenfreude? Do you have sudden bouts of hypo-holly hygge or recurring flare-ups of white elephantitis? Are you prone to metastasizing malignant merriment??

Well, we here at PUNCH Projects have the perfect panacea, the aesthetic elixir, the creative cure-all, and ready-made remedy for what artfully ails ya during this solstice season of joyful jubilance. For this installment, we’ve enlisted a cadre of quite capable creators to help us flesh-out the firehouse with all kinds of goodly gifts.

Our artistic army has amassed a bountiful basket of clutch collectables. Come and delight in our dynamic décor and evocative effluent. Our festive fantasies will fuel a feverish frenzy of fomented, fermented fun! Fuck yeah! Give the gift of gear for glamping or hand out hordes of justifiable junk. Kvell the krowds with kounter kulture kristmas krafts. Loiter, looksee, likey, love it! Make a merry mark with marvelous merchandise. Noel, noel, a note to s-elf, our oeuvre offers ostensibly opulent, over-the-top output and obfuscates ordinary odds-and-ends! Oh my! Pick through piles of piquant PUNCH products and quaff your queeriosity with a quagmire of quality, quirky quintessentials, really rad reproductions and retro regalia! Stuff stockings with super stickers, sonic sounds and slick seramics! So simple! So svelt! Treat your team to terrific tees and uncover unincorporated, uniquely utilitarian, very vunderbar vernacular!  Woo the woke with wondrous wares! Xterminatate and xorcise the xenophobes with XXX-mas xtras! Yoke yer yonder yankees zimply by buying our zany zhit!! Zippity-doo-done!!!

Or, in other words, a PUNCH gift show featuring the work of several local artisans of the valley. If you want hot spiced glühwein or homemade peanut butter balls compliments of Eileen Bow, ya better show up early. And we promise we won’t be piping any Christmas music.