About the Show

PUNCH enthusiastically presents our sixth Juried Exhibition. A total of 520 artists submitted 1,902 entries from all corners of the globe. Trophies and awards will be announced at the opening reception on November 6 at 7 p.m. And remember to cast your vote for the people’s choice award when you visit the show.

Paul Baughman : Seattle, WA
Gary Beeber : Water Mill, NY
Christer Berg : Raleigh, NC
Phillip Carpenter : Seattle, WA
Krista Cibis : Portland, OR
James Connors : Los Angeles, CA
Jacci Delaney : Columbus, OH
Anna Gianfrate : New York City, NY
Jeffrey Glossip : Shoreline, WA
Sarah Hollingsworth : Seattle, WA
John Holmgren & Nick Conbere : Ellensburg, WA
Donna Anderson Kam : San Francisco, CA
Judith Klausner : Somerville, MA
Dario Santacroce : Venezia, Italy
Gary Schmitt : Indianapolis, IN
Ryann Slauson : Mount Vernon, NY
Allison Stewart : Los Angeles, CA
Jennifer Zwick : Seattle, WA

John Sutton, Ben Beres and Zac Culler are a trio of artists from Seattle who have worked collaboratively since 2000, when they met as students at Cornish College of the Arts. Together they create ways to engage viewers through mobile sculptures, street actions, and temporary site-specific installations. In addition to an extensive list of international exhibitions, they are also recipients of numerous awards, grants and residencies, and their work is featured in several prominent collections.
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Juror’s Choice Award $500
Donna Anderson Kam : San Francisco, CA

PUNCH Choice Award $500
Ryann Slauson : Mount Vernon, NY

People’s Choice Award $500
Jennifer Zwick : Seattle, WA

Paul Baughman : Website
Paul Baughman received his BFA in photography from the University of Oregon in 2013. He is currently a first year MFA Candidate in the photomedia department at the University of Washington. Through a mixed media discourse his work attempts to ground the ephemeral.

Gary Beeber : Website
As an artist, Gary Beeber originally took photographs as source material for his paintings, but in time abandoned painting altogether for photography. He has photographed subjects as diverse as architectural details in Italy, Dachau Concentration Camp, the ritual sacrifice of a sheep in Morocco, surrealistic landscapes in Cappadocia (Turkey), Jewish Cemeteries of Saints in Morocco, Cities of the Dead in New Orleans and transgender/nightlife personalities in NYC. Having spent a great deal of time studying the history of art and photography, in particular the work of Edward Hopper, Diane Arbus, E. J. Bellocq, and Charles Sheeler, Gary gravitates toward subject matter that seems out of the ordinary, and for now he feels the camera is the best tool to express his vision. Taking photographs has always been a spiritual experience for him. Aside from photography, Gary has also produced and directed documentary films and produced an Off-Broadway show (Gotham Burlesque).

Christer Berg : Website
Christer Berg is a passionate photographer, living in Raleigh, North Carolina. Born in Sweden in 1963, he has resided in the Triangle since 1995 and is now a naturalized U.S. citizen. He photographs people, music, places, events and anything else that exhibits passion, conveys emotion or invokes thought. Christer has been published in numerous photographic magazines, newspapers, news magazines, various other printed media, and online. He has received numerous awards at juried photographic exhibits and art shows across the United States.

Phillip Carpenter : Website
Phillip Carpenter was born in Nashville, TN and now lives in Seattle, WA. His work in photography, clay impressions, and constructed artifacts of movement and memory aim to capture and reflect on the ephemeral shapings of our worldly experience. As we respond to each other, the objects before us, and the structures we inhabit; it is this sense of proximity to everything, which defines our lives. Much of his work revolves around the spontaneous circumstances of present moments and the weight and importance of those unique experiences. Of his work he writes, “I am most fulfilled when those unexpectedly beautiful circumstances lead to spontaneous collaborations and inclusions with others, beyond either of our expectations or singular imaginations.”

Krista Cibis : Website
Krista Cibis is an emerging artist based in Portland, Oregon and maintains a studio/workshop in northern New Mexico. Her works are based on the visual qualities of the written words through form, color and texture and her interest in the subtle, complex meaning in common language. Through over a decade of experimentation she has developed her techniques and unique artistic voice, hand-sewing thousands of layered sequins held in place with beads. She approaches the reflective qualities of the material as though it was paint, controlling the tones and highlights forming precise abstractionist patterns when viewed close up. The medium reinforces the meaning. She chose to use a traditionally feminine material in the world of contemporary art where the line between what is called craft and what is called fine art can be as thin as a needle and thread.

James Connors : Website
James Connors grew up in what was a brand new planned community in Maryland. As a lonely misfit he kept himself busy by drawing and tinkering with whatever imagery inspired him, the majority of which was from the haphazard forms he had seen in science fiction movies. After having met a beautiful extrovert from south central LA who would become his wife, they graduated with their BFA degrees. James became curious as to how ones place of upbringing later conditions not just how we think, but what we understand to be beautiful. He loves functional messes and thinks horizontally while his wife (thankfully) does not. James doesn’t think it’s a coincidence that he grew up in what was visibly a highly ordered place while she emerged out of one that was disordered. His work is an attempt to map out how our bodies, eyes, hands and all, navigate places, real and imagined through the construction of new forms out of those imprinted on us since childhood. He thinks Martin Heidegger was correct when he equated drawing with thinking and that by continuing to “draw into the unknown” futurity, i.e hope for unexpected discovery is what we can expect to find. It’s very science fictiony indeed.

James Connors (BFA 2010, Maryland Institute College of Art) currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife Devin. He is studying in the Graduate Art program at Art Center College of Design and has been showing his work in venues throughout the U.S. Since 2011.

Jacci Delaney : Website
Jacci Delaney just graduated from The Ohio State University this year with an MFA. She is currently a visiting scholar at The Ohio State University in the Holography Center. She has been working with bubble wrap since her first semester of graduate school when she started experimenting with glass casting. She likes how bubble wrap is easily recognizable as a protective material. “Protecting the fragile potential for growth” is about how much people want to develop land for cities, but are not taking into consideration how much land is needed to sustain the population. She works with glass, holograms, video, and other mediums.

Anna Gianfrate : Website
Anna Gianfrate was born and raised in Italy. She received her BFA in Painting in 2011 from the Academy of Fine Art in Bologna, Italy, where her interest in Photography started to grow. After graduating she moved to New York City where she worked as an intern for one year at Magnum Photos. Most of her projects are set in Brooklyn, she is interested in the relationship between the industrial neighborhood and the people who live there. Anna is very fascinated by the decay that Brookyn offers to her everyday, indeed Brooklyn is her main inspiration. She is interested in finding beauty in everyday objects, elevating these objects and giving new life to them. Anna’s photographs are been showed in Europe and in the U.S. Currently she works as a freelance photographer based in Brooklyn, NY.

Jeffrey Glossip : Website
Jeffrey Glossip is an abstract painter and conceptual artist living in Seattle, Washington. He earned his MFA from San Francisco Art Institute in 2005, and his BFA from University of Iowa in 2002. He has taught extensively for several colleges, including Napa Valley College and City College of San Francisco. His work has been shown internationally since 2006.

Sarah Hollingsworth : Website
Sarah Hollingsworth (b. 1982) grew up in Seattle, Washington. She earned her BFA in Photography from the University of Washington in 2006. She engages in a mixed media practice that embraces drawing, sculpture, and photography. Primary themes of investigation are obsession, voyeurism, and fragmentation. Recent works have evolved from an ongoing interest in psychology and the question of how growing up in the Pacific Northwest shapes an individual’s worldview.

John Holmgren & Nick Conbere : Website
John Holmgren received his Bachelor of Arts from Central Washington University in 2004, and in 2007 received his Master of Fine Arts in Photography from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 2010 he accepted a position at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He has exhibited his work nationally and internationally and has been awarded many grants and awards.

Nick Conbere received an MFA in Printmaking from the University of Minnesota and an MFA in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts in New York. Past exhibitions include the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and the International Print Center. Much of his work has been created through residencies such as the Banff Centre in Alberta and Frans Masereel Centrum in Belgium. He works as an Assistant Professor at Emily Carr University in Vancouver, Canada.

Donna Anderson Kam : Website
Donna Anderson Kam is a San Francisco based artist who’s work is exhibited in San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles and New York. Donna creates large-scale drawings using photo based imagery to explore social issues. Kam sees our culture as one that is concerned with economic prosperity in spite of the consequences. Through media’s relentless messaging, we are encouraged to consume as a way of defining ourselves, while the environment becomes filled with waste. Inspired by stories gleaned from news articles often relaying tragic current events, Kam’s “Datelines” series represents the psychological tension and potential dangers of contemporary life amidst a backdrop of material consumption.

Judith Klausner : Website
Judith Klausner is a Somerville MA artist with a love for small, intricate, and overlooked things. She received her degree in Studio Art from Wesleyan University in 2007 after constructing her thesis primarily out of insects, and has since continued to search the details of her surroundings for inspiration. Her work has been featured in Harper’s magazine, Reader’s Digest, the Huffington Post and NPR, and exhibited in venues internationally including the Susquehanna Art Museum, Museum of Natural History, RI, Museo di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto, and the Boston Children’s Museum. She has recently begun to use her art to process her own invisible disability, with the hope that this will help bring a hidden dialogue out into the open.

Dario Santacroce : Website
Dario Santacroce is a stone sculptor exploring the multifaceted theme of time. At an early age working as the apprentice of Carlo Ambrosoli, he discovered that the boundaries of the explained and unexplained mingle in ever-changing shades of grey. For Santacroce, the exploration of perception, becomes a subconscious quest that fully reveals itself when initiated to marble carving. Continuing his apprenticeships with Manuel Neri, Robert Gove, Lode Tibos, he acquired the marble carving techniques needed for the realization of both small intricate pieces and monumental sculptures. Dario is now fully invested in his established sculptural universe, rich in symbols and archetypes, with stone as the central metaphor of temporal perception.

Gary Schmitt : Website
Gary Schmitt has been working as a visual artist and designer since the mid-1970’s. His work has included: being an outdoor mural painter for CETA (Comprehensive Employment and Training Act) in Wilmington and Delaware, conducting art workshops, teaching as an adjunct professor, as well as working as a graphic designer. He has been a resident of Indianapolis for nearly 35 years. In recent years as Gary has been sculpting with wool fiber, it has allowed him to connect with various experiences of his life that he hadn’t been able to before. During this latter time, he has exhibited in many local, regional, national, and international juried exhibits.

Ryann Slauson : Website
Ryann Slauson (b.1986, Berekely, CA) spent most of her youth in the sunny suburbs of Ft. Lauderdale amongst palm trees, dolphins, and astroturf. She attended the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida under Gregory Green and received her BFA in Sculpture and Extended Media in 2010. After playing music and making coffee, she went on to study at Purchase College at SUNY in Purchase, New York where she is currently completing a dual MFA/MA degree with a prospective graduation in 2015. Slauson recently completed a two month residency at The Wassaic Project in Wassaic, NY and was included in their 2014 exhibition “Seeing the Sky.”

Allison Stewart : Website
Allison Stewart grew up in Houston, Texas and currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. Her work has been shown in gallery and museum spaces in New York City, New Orleans, Houston, Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Australia. Her photographs document fringe cultures, exploring America’s culture of guns and our romance with war.

Jennifer Zwick : Website
Jennifer Zwick lives and works in Seattle, where she received a BFA in Photography from the University of Washington. She is the recipient of two Artist Trust GAP Grants, including the Artist Trust Jini Dellaccio GAP Grant; a 4Culture Arts Special Projects Grant, a CityArtists Projects Grant, and an Artist Trust Fellowship, as well as inclusion in the King County 4Culture Portable Arts Collection. Her work has recently been seen at Anchor Art Space in Anacortes, WA, the SAM Gallery in the Seattle Art Museum, and online at Violet Strays.